The Meaning Behind YXU

The "YXU" in our brand name stands for "Why Not You?"

It's a question that we believe more young athletes need to ask themselves. Why can't you become the best player at your school, on your competitive team, or in your city? Why can't you play in university? Why can't you play on a provincial team or national team? Why can't you become a professional athlete?

The list of questions goes on and on.

Our founder, Connor Vreeken, asked himself this question when he unknowingly made the decision at the age of 10 to begin his pursuit towards becoming a professional basketball player. In retrospect, Connor recognizes that his accomplishments wouldn't have come to fruition if he didn't ask himself, "why can't I be like the athletes I look up to?" Sometimes you might seem delusional or crazy when pursuing your goals - that's ok. You won't seem crazy after you achieve them!

The only question that remains is:

Why not you?

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